An immersive program of events, tastings, talks, tours and hands-on workshops designed to captivate, stimulate and challenge anyone with a love for pinot noir wine.

You can download the final event program here.

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Day One

10 February 2023

An engaging day discovering  the ethereal and erudite nature of pinot noir including numerous opportunities to taste a carefully selected range of wines.

Challenging Our Philosophy
Challenging our Philosophy
Max Allen will lead an intellectual exploration of wine as we pull apart our established values and cultural attitudes to better understand what’s driving consumer engagement and industry priorities. With valuable insights from philosopher and wine wrtier Elaine Chukan Brown and marketing specialist, Carolyn Miller, we will attempt to knit together culture, life, food, land and experiences of wine to set our philosophical compass, particularly post-pandemic. This session will also interrogate consumer appetites for ultra-premium, luxury items and other factors motivating engagement with wine brands and experiences.
Custodianship & Our Changing World
Dr Greg Jones, Dr Mark Krstic, Peter Dillon and Mac Forbes bring a winemaking and scientific perspective to wine's relationship to the land. In this powerful session we question what the future looks like, what's important and how we address our responsibilities as viticulturists and winemakers around the world. Climate change is front and centre in this discussion as we look at a selection of pinot noir wines and explore sustainability, conscientious farming, regeneration and what we can do in the future to protect our fragile environment.
Wine Discovery
Wine Discovery
Hosted by the Yarra Valley, Geelong, Macedon Ranges, Gippsland, Tasmania, Adelaide Hills and Mornington Peninsula.

You will enjoy a gorgeous lunch with a selection of wines from each region and engage in a robust discussion before voting on the best 'Regional Wine of the Day'.
In The Eyes Of The Beholder
The value perception of pinot noir is very subjective and this session will analyse, discuss and interrogate market influences, where we find the right benchmarks and find out whose opinion really matters.

Tamara Grischy, Michael Dhillon and David LeMire MW will reveal market dynamics around the world, price points and what premium wine means to consumers. This session will include a blind tasting of select examples at various price points available in retail markets.
Wines & Stories That Inspire
Why does place matter? How much does a story of place and region add to the value of a wine? And how do stories of place and people inspire us?

Phillip Rich, Jane Eyre and Richard Hemming MW will guide you through a tasting of wines with stories that inspire.
Pinot Noir Celebration Gala Dinner
Celebrate pinot noir with wines from Australia and around the world matched to the freshest, seasonal local produce.

Day Two

11 February 2023

A day of hands-on learning, a generous exploration of Mornington Peninsula pinot noir, a discovery of sustainability & technical developments, all culminating in a fabulous party to celebrate this extraordinary weekend immersed in the endless fascination of pinot noir.

Connection to Place
‘The fires, floods and now the pandemic have meant that the future is not what it used to be...This extraordinary moment has only provided further motivation to take action with full hearts and grounded is the time to share stories, offer programs and facilitate discussions that will nourish and lead our communities into a future that is regenerative, inclusive, interconnected and whole.’ - Danny Almagor, SmallGiants.

The Wandin family, Elaine Chukan Brown and Mac Forbes to discuss regeneration and our connection to place.
Mornington Peninsula Wine
Andrew Caillard MW is your guide through a brilliant tasting of wines from wineries across the region, whose philosophies are rooted in sustainability.
A Pinot Noir Celebration
Pinot Celebration Party
Take some time to relax with all the guests and presenters of the weekend at one of the Mornington Peninsula's most iconic seaside venues.