Day Two Workshops

11 February 2023

You can choose one of three workshop options on Day Two of the Pinot Celebration Australia 2023 to explore your own area of interest. These workshops will provide a hands-on and rewarding learning experience.


These three small group workshops include a maximum of fifty people, providing you with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the topic of interest and your hosts for the session.

You will need to choose one of the following workshop options when you purchase your event ticket. Each workshop is open for you to select until sold out.

Vineyard Health & Architecture

Vineyard Health
Discover the ways vignerons are improving their sustainable farming practices with a tour of vineyards, which have achieved significant transformation in the health of their soils, waterways, vines and local eco-systems.

Hosted by: 
Rollo Crittenden and Dr Dylan Grigg

Pinot Noir Winemaking, Viticulture & Trends

Fashions come and go. To what extent is this led by consumers or by strong minded producers? Take part in an engaging and robust discussion about the push-pull factors influencing the style, price, positioning and stories created by producers.

Hosted by: Richard Hemming MW, Matt Harrop & Rebecca Hull MW, with Guy Woodward

Pinot Noir Connection

Food and Culture
A tasty adventure awaits between the good neighbours of Main Ridge. You'll enjoy a relaxed lunch with the best pinot noir wines of this sub-region, at a charming goat dairy. Eat, drink and discover artisan makers and flavours.

Hosted by:
Anthea Loucas Bosha