Day 2 Seminars

11 February 2023

Your adventure continues by selecting one of eight small group seminars, where you can closely investigate a topic of interest.

Seminar Topics

Each seminar includes a maximum of 25 people and will provide you with the opportunity to take a deep dive on a theme you are keen to explore.


Uncover the power of regeneration and a sustainability mindset to grow vines with improved health and resilience.

Hosted by:
Mac Forbes and Dr Mardi Longbottom

True Terroir

What is an organoleptic assessment of site? Find out at this seminar using science and sensory analysis.

Hosted by:
Kate McIntyre MW and Wes Pearson


Discover how to manage the impacts of climate change with a focus on vine health and pruning.

Hosted by:
Dr Greg Jones, Michael Dhillon and Tim Brown

Rootstocks & Clones

Taste the top 10 rootstocks best suited to pinot noir planting with three viticultural specialists.

Hosted by:
Nick Dry and Tyson Lewis


Investigate the influences of steel, concrete, terracotta and subterranean fermentation to create different wine styles.

Hosted by:
Peter Dillon and Peter Caldwell

Robotics & Automation

Look into the future with the latest on robotic technology and automated solutions available to grape growers and winemakers.

Hosted by:
Dr Simon Nordestgaard and David Gerner

High Altitude Pinot Noir & Cheese

Steve and Katie will introduce you to six of the world’s most delicious high altitude pinot noirs with a selection of mountain cheeses to make your mouth water. Each pairing will reveal the flavour of alpine vineyards and the talent of high-altitude cheesemakers.

Hosted by:
Steve Flamsteed & Katie Spain